Monday, September 2, 2013


Why not? After seeing all the blogs with ridiculous THIS and THAT names, I decided I would make one that makes sense.




That makes turdmuffins and well, those are peple who are jerks. Do we need them? Eh, maybe not. But the term "turdmuffin is a total necessity -- it sums things up perfectly. So it makes sense.

Not like "Corndogs and Coconuts" or "Potato Cakes and Jam" or "Caterpillars and Hairspray" or "Popcorn  and Diapers" or whatever other stupid names I've seen. At some point, you have to say "Enough with the THIS and THAT stupid blog names that make a mommy blogger sound like she is juggling just wayyyyy too much processed food in this chaotic, well decorated, probably a bit stinky, and expertly staged life." Stop the failed food hybirdization as a way to make a blog name. You don't see women bloggers making blogs called "tampons and cramps" or "waxed eyebrow and moisturizer". I've never seen a fitness blog named "Sweaty Underwear and Athlete's Foot" or "Protein Shakes and Vitamin B12".

It's gross.

Make it Stop.

So with that, my honest-truth-fed-up-eye-rolling home online has been born. Be warned :) And laugh heartily!